How Do I Get A Google Voice Number?

As you know, this is a useful service and the cost is completely free so anyone can use this service for personal and business purposes. In this service, you can receive all your devices on the single selected number, saving you both money and time. With this service you get other benefits like calling, SMS and voicemail etc. And the most important thing is that every user can use this amazing service from Google.

Here are some simple steps that you can take to get the Google voice number.

1. Go to

To get the Google Voice number, you must first sign in to on your web.

2. Browse the prefixes

In the next step, Google offers you to select the prefix. Sometimes you should put in the area code and sometimes Google will show you some of the closest area codes. One thing is important here that you should take care of life in one area, but your business is another area, you should select your business area code.

3. Select a Google Voice number.

After selecting the area code, you need to select the phone number you want for Google Voice.

4. Check your existing phone number

The next step is to check your actual number. This is a necessary operation as without it the Google voice number cannot be obtained. Click the Review option that appears in the green box.

After that you need to enter your existing number. This is where you will be careful as this number is linked to your Google voice number. If you are using more than one number, you should select the number that will be used for a different purpose. You can also buy google voice number in bulk from us.

After entering the number you must press the transmission code. This will give you a verification code that you will receive in a message. When you enter the six-digit code in the field and click Confirm, your account is ready to use. On the next screen you will see your Google voice number.

All local calls are free. However, if you want to make an international call, you have to pay some fees.

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