What is Office Retail vs. Volume Licensing?

When you buy software for your organization, you can do it for one or more computers. You can also purchase a license that allows you to install software on multiple computers. The choice of an organization in terms of volumes or retail licenses depends on its size and software requirements. The type of technical support you want can also play a role in determining the type of software license you purchase.

Retail office

Software purchased as a single consumer from a retail store can generally only be used on five computers. If your organization is small and you do not have many computers on which to download software, the best option is to buy office retail license. You will receive a software CD, a software authentication product key, and a user guide for your purchase. You may also receive limited software support from the software publisher at the time of purchase.

Benefits of Volume Licensing

Some of the benefits of volume licensing for large organizations include the ability to customize purchased software for the needs of your organization, as well as the ability to install and troubleshoot a program remotely. If, for example, you buy a set of programs and you do not need a specific set program, you can configure your purchase so that it does not turn on. You can also add other programs that are not included in the traditional program set. Volume licenses also allow technical support personnel or third-party software manufacturers to install and restore software on multiple computers with a product key number. Another advantage of volume licenses is that they are generally cheaper on a computer than purchasing retail licenses for many computers.

Office Retail Benefits

With retail software licenses, you purchase a physical CD used to reinstall the software. You have a user manual instead of going to the software manufacturer’s website to download and find it. Plus, save money for your small organization by purchasing only the required number of licenses instead of the dozens of licenses you’ll never use.

What is Office Retail vs. Volume Licensing?

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